Four friendly new faces to help promote "Hong Kong: Our Home" (with photos)
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Four friendly new faces will help promote the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign from today (August 31).

Lovely Bud, Energy, May and Fresh have made their debut as campaign mascots after a design competition organised by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) and co-organised by the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association to promote the creation and appreciation of character design.

The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Gregory So, announced the results of the public voting exercise at the prize presentation ceremony today.

The competition had four categories, corresponding to the four supporting themes under the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign - "Hip Hong Kong", "Vibrant Hong Kong", "Caring Hong Kong" and "Fresh Hong Kong".

A total of 646 entries were received by the submission deadline on June 26.

A professional jury of representatives from the comics and animation industry, the education sector and the Government short-listed four entries in each category for the public voting phase.

A total of 4,301 votes were cast during the voting period from July 6 to 26. Lovely Bud, Energy, May and Fresh received the highest number of votes to become the champions of their respective categories.

Lovely Bud, representing "Hip Hong Kong", was created by interior designer Mr Tony Lau.

He describes Lovely Bud as a girl who loves daydreaming and is creative, pioneering and fashionable. She reflects the beauty of art and technology, and has a youthful frame of mind.

Energy, representing "Vibrant Hong Kong", and May, representing "Caring Hong Kong", were both designed by Mr Ieong Ka-kei, who works at a bank.

He describes Energy as an energetic and outgoing boy who loves playing football, while May is a kind and considerate girl who helps and cares for people in need.

Not surprisingly, Fresh was chosen as the mascot for "Fresh Hong Kong". She has a smiling face as well as leaves and flowers on her body.

Created by design professional Ms Kwan Kit-yi, Fresh's happy character is intended to inject positive energy and freshness into society.

Designs of the four winning mascots are attached.

The Mascot Design Competition is one of the core programmes of Hong Kong Ani-Com Summer 2013, a series of comics-related events presented by CreateHK to promote the Comix Home Base, a new creative landmark for Hong Kong which was officially opened last month, and to arouse interest in comics and animation in the community.

Hong Kong Ani-Com Summer 2013 is a signature event of "Hip Hong Kong" in the "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign.

Saturday, August 31, 2013