In 2009, the Government established the HK$300 million CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) to provide financial support to initiatives that are conducive to the development and promotion of creative industries in Hong Kong (Note).  In May 2013, the Government topped up the CSI by another HK$300 million, making up a total of HK$600 million.

Starting from 1 June 2011, CSI also accepts applications for design-related projects (Note). More details and online application for design-related projects are available at the website of CreateSmart Initiative Design Support. Application period for the Design-Business Collaboration Scheme under the CSI has been closed after 31 December 2015. 
For non-design-related projects (Note), please refer to the following documents for more details.
CSI does not cover projects –
a)  that fall under the scope of other dedicated Government funding schemes, including but not limited to the Film Development Fund, the Film Guarantee Fund, the Innovation and Technology Fund, the Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project) and the Grants of Hong Kong Arts Development Council; and/or
b)  that will receive funding from other Government sources.

If applicants have queries whether the projects seeking CSI funding fall under the scope of other dedicated Government funding schemes, please contact the CSI Secretariat or the secretariats of individual funding schemes.

CSI Secretariat
Tel: 2294 2774
Email: [email protected]

Create Smart

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