Video Gallery – CreateHK's Videos
Hong Kong Book Fair successfully returned (in Chinese)
CreateHK promotes design thinking to different age groups (in Chinese)
CreateHK is delighted to see more local creative works being awarded (in Chinese)
CreateHK supports fashion designers to showcase their creativity (in Chinese)
CreateHK supports local musicians (in Chinese)
Large-scale Design Exhibitions @ 7 Mallory Street, PMQ, Mong Kok, Kowloon City, Central and Science Park (in Chinese)
CreateHK sponsors projects targeting the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
CreateHK supports the digital advertising sector to nurture new blood (in Chinese)
CreateHK supports the publishing sector to nurture emerging writers (in Chinese)
Exhibiting Local Designers @Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2020 (in Chinese)
CreateSmart Initiative Exhibition (in Chinese)
Creative Industries in Hong Kong (2017’s Full version)
Design in Hong Kong (2017’s Full version)
Design in Hong Kong: Our Budding Talent (2017’s Full version)
Dream High (Highlights)
- Design Incubation Programme (Highlights)
- Animation Support Programme and Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Highlights)
- First Feature Film Initiative (Highlights)
- First Feature Film Initiative (CHEUNG Kai Wai)
- First Feature Film Initiative (CHAN Chi Fat)
- First Feature Film Initiative (WONG Chun)
- Design Incubation Programme (Mandy TSANG)
- Design Incubation Programme (Monica TSANG)
- Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Chris NG)
- Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Joshua WONG)
- Animation Support Programme (Ivana LAI and Nic HO)
- Animation Support Programme (William KAN)
- Animation Support Programme (Ray WONG)
- Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival (J.Arie)
- Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival
- Hong Kong Comix BOOM!! and Ding! Ding! Comix Tram
Dialogues with creative talents: - Dr CHAN Man-hung (in Cantonese)
- Dr Ann HUI (in Cantonese)
- Dr KAN Tai-keung (in Cantonese)
- Ar Anna KWONG (in Cantonese)
- Mr Freeman LAU (in Cantonese)
- Ms LO Kai-yin (in Cantonese)
- Ms Judy MANN (in Cantonese)
- Mr Ed NG
- Mr Alan TAM (in Cantonese)
- Mr TSUI Hark (in Cantonese)
- Mr Spencer WONG (in Cantonese)
- Dr WONG Yuk-long (in Cantonese)
Sharing of inspiration by awarded creative talents: - Chris NG, Product Designer (in Cantonese)
- Janko LAM, Fashion Designer (in Cantonese)
- Ajax LAW Ling Kit and Virginia LUNG, Interior Designers (in Cantonese)
- Postgal Workshop (John CHAN), Illustrator/Comics Artist/Animator (in Cantonese)
- Matthew CHOW, Animator (in Cantonese)
- Kenneth BI, Film Director and Writer (in Cantonese)
- Adam WONG, Film Director (in Cantonese)
- NG Cheuk Yin, Composer and Sheng Performer (in Cantonese)