Video Gallery – CreateHK's Videos
Creative Industries in Hong Kong (2017’s Full version)
Design in Hong Kong (2017’s Full version)
Design in Hong Kong: Our Budding Talent (2017’s Full version)
Dream High (Highlights)
- Design Incubation Programme (Highlights)
- Animation Support Programme and Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Highlights)
- First Feature Film Initiative (Highlights)
- First Feature Film Initiative (CHEUNG Kai Wai)
- First Feature Film Initiative (CHAN Chi Fat)
- First Feature Film Initiative (WONG Chun)
- Design Incubation Programme (Mandy TSANG)
- Design Incubation Programme (Monica TSANG)
- Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Chris NG)
- Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) (Joshua WONG)
- Animation Support Programme (Ivana LAI and Nic HO)
- Animation Support Programme (William KAN)
- Animation Support Programme (Ray WONG)
- Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival (J.Arie)
- Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival
- Hong Kong Comix BOOM!! and Ding! Ding! Comix Tram
Dialogues with creative talents: - Dr CHAN Man-hung (in Cantonese)
- Dr Ann HUI (in Cantonese)
- Dr KAN Tai-keung (in Cantonese)
- Ar Anna KWONG (in Cantonese)
- Mr Freeman LAU (in Cantonese)
- Ms LO Kai-yin (in Cantonese)
- Ms Judy MANN (in Cantonese)
- Mr Ed NG
- Mr Alan TAM (in Cantonese)
- Mr TSUI Hark (in Cantonese)
- Mr Spencer WONG (in Cantonese)
- Dr WONG Yuk-long (in Cantonese)
Sharing of inspiration by awarded creative talents: - Chris NG, Product Designer (in Cantonese)
- Janko LAM, Fashion Designer (in Cantonese)
- Ajax LAW Ling Kit and Virginia LUNG, Interior Designers (in Cantonese)
- Postgal Workshop (John CHAN), Illustrator/Comics Artist/Animator (in Cantonese)
- Matthew CHOW, Animator (in Cantonese)
- Kenneth BI, Film Director and Writer (in Cantonese)
- Adam WONG, Film Director (in Cantonese)
- NG Cheuk Yin, Composer and Sheng Performer (in Cantonese)