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Film title
Weeds on Fire
CHAN Chi-fat
Chi Fat CHAN
Chi Fat CHAN graduated from the Academy of Film of the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012 with a degree in film and television. As the director and scriptwriter of "Weeds on Fire", he decided to quit his job as a production assistant at a television broadcaster after winning the 1st FFFI and focuses on shooting his first feature film.

CHAN Chi-fat, WONG Chi-yeung
CHAN Hing-kai, O Sing-pui

Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed in 1984 and Hong Kong’s future became more obscure. The history created by a baseball team with youth and pride in an unknown pitch under the Lion Rock was buried in the current of times and forgotten.

In that year, the first local youth league baseball team Shatin Martins was found. Ten young players were in a state of uneasiness and restlessness, so was Hong Kong. Being humiliated by one defeat after another, the team was indecisive about whether to give up or to persist. However, the hardship only brought out their courage and they overcame the struggles. Living in the golden age, their passion was ignited by the games they played. They grew up together with the city. Eventually, they came to the final game facing their strong rival, the Japanese Buffalo…(Create Hong Kong’s translation)