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FDC Chairman welcomes Government measures to further support Hong Kong film industry

The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Film Development Council:

The Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Development Council (FDC), Dr Wilfred Wong, welcomed the Government's announcement today (February 28) that set out an array of measures to be implemented through the Film Development Fund (FDF) in support of the Hong Kong film industry’s development. The measures aim to increase the number of local film productions, gather talent, and enhance professional training to add value to the industry.

Dr Wong said, "The Hong Kong film industry is going through a very difficult time. The Government's announcement provides practical and sustainable support measures that render timely relief to the industry and film practitioners of different disciplines.

"Inviting veteran directors to partner with young directors and provide guidance in co-producing films will increase the number of local high-quality film productions and help achieve the effect of passing the baton to the new generation.

"The Scriptwriting Incubation Programme is expected to help incubate quality scripts for the industry, while short advanced professional training courses will help raise standards and nurture more specialists."

Dr Wong said that over the years, the FDC has funded about 60 film productions and identified about 40 new directors through various FDF subsidy schemes. The FDC will continue to support the further development of the Hong Kong film industry through the FDF.

The new or enhanced measures under the FDF in support of the Hong Kong film industry's development mainly include:

  • Launching a new subsidy scheme under which the FDC will proactively invite veteran directors to partner with young directors to co-produce 10 to 12 films with an earmarked funding of around $100 million. Each film will be granted a subsidy of around $9 million;
  • Launching a new Scriptwriting Incubation Programme: With earmarked funding of $10 million, the programme will be held in the form of a competition with subsidies to be disbursed in phases to participants. Professional mentoring will also be provided. It is expected that 50 to 100 quality scripts will be incubated;
  • Enhancing professional training: Funding of $20 million is earmarked to provide short advanced professional training courses. Tuition fees will be exempted; 
  • Implementing an enhancement for the Film Production Financing Scheme by raising the maximum government financing amount to $9 million; and
  • Implementing an enhancement for the First Feature Film Initiative by increasing the maximum number of winning teams to six and raising the production budget for the Higher Education Institution Group to $5 million and that of the Professional Group to $8 million.

Friday, February 28, 2020